Where Have I been?

I started this little blog about seven years ago, almost a lifetime in the world of technology. Since then I switched over to using social media to connect with the world and discuss technioligy and travelling. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn raidly took over and my poor little blog took a back seat.

Honestly, I had forgotten I had this blog until very recently when I wanted to write up a more detailed post about SXSW 2017 and post it on Twitter. However, when I entered my credentials into WordPress I quickly stumbled upon it again, so I’m back! Reading though some of the old posts here really does take me back, times have certainly changed and my views on Texan food most defintely have, I can’t get enough of good southern cooking and BBQ these days. Hmm… I should probably write a blog post about that!

Meanwhile, I’ve dusted off the cobwebs and given the blog a clean new look and tidied up a few bits to make it more relevent. Watch out for my new blog post on SXSW and one about travelling to Leas Vegas from London via Cairo to save some money and get myself a decent seat on the plane. Yes, that really happened. Hope you enjoy these updates, I promise, these are just the start of many more to come!

Cheers, Luke.


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