There are three food groups in Texas…

Having just spent a week in Texas it quickly came to my attention that there are three main food groups in that state:

Steak | Cheese | Fries

Now, it doesn’t matter where you go or what you pick from the menu, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a choice from these three main food groups, and you can bet that the helpings are going to be MASSIVE too. God only knows how people manage to stay thin in Texas and to be honest I’m not surprised to see that most of them are wearing clothes sporting a XXXL label. Boy was I glad to get home to some good old fashioned home cooking, I can’t remember the last time I put on 2lb in the space of a week. That said, there were some enjoyable moments and one restaurant that is definitely worth mentioning:

Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ in Austin

Wow, without doubt the most amazing smokehouse BBQ I have ever encountered, the staff are welcoming and fun and the ambience very relaxed, you could be at a BBQ in a friend’s back yard. The meat is sold by the pound and there is just a fantastic rustic charm to the whole place, meanwhile the ever-present smell of that smokehouse is simply mouthwatering. I strongly recommend their lean brisket washed down with a chilled bottle of Shiner Bock. This is the only restaurant I found in the state that does not insist on the traditional Texan “three food group” strategy, but don’t kid yourself that this is healthy eating, piles of white bread accompany any cut of meat or sausage, there is far too much sugar in the coleslaw and the signature creamed corn really does go heavy on the cream, but hey, this is Texas, enjoy it whilst you’re here and don’t let the calorie count put you off from the otherwise mouth watering menu – Highly recommended!


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