My new Dell Poweredge T710 has arrived!

And this time it’s not a loan unit…

So I’ve had a Dell Poweredge T710 kicking about for a while but it is on loan from a colleague so I have been reluctant to invest too much time into setting it up and configuring it for my needs as there is a strong possibility he might ask for it back! However, today I took delivery of my very own Poweredge T710 and what a beauty it is:

  • 2x Intel Nahelem E5504 Processors
  • 24GB DDR3 Memory
  • 16×2.4″ drive chassis with PERC H700 RAID controller
  • 2x146GB 10k SAS drives
  • 2x500GB Near-line SAS drives
  • iDRAC 6 Enterprise with 1GB VFlash
  • 16X DVD+/-RW DVD ROM drive

The spec is likely to change as I build up the machine, but this is a great starting point and will build up quickly as an VMware ESX host machine with quite a few virtual servers, it may even take over the functions of my NAS too as I am going to stuff it full of drives very quickly.

As with all new Dell servers, the build quality is fantastic, definitely best of breed and it looks pretty damn cool too:


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